Research Groups


Augmented Design Lab

The Augmented Design Lab, directed by Jim Whitehead, focuses on the possibilities inherent in computer-augmented videogame design. Current projects include documenting level design patterns for first-person shooters and a mixed-initiative level design tool for 2-D platformers that allows a human and a computer to jointly produce a fully-playable level.

Expressive Intelligence Studio

The Expressive Intelligence Studio, co-directed by Michael Mateas and Noah Wardrip-Fruin, explores the intersection of artificial intelligence, art, and design. Current research focuses on autonomous characters, interactive storytelling, automated game asset generation, game data analysis, and intelligent support for game design.

Software Introspection Laboratory

The Software Introspection Laboratory, directed by Jim Whitehead, focuses on the structure of software and how it evolves over time. Current projects include a program that provides runtime verification and repair of event-based systems.