Research Projects

  • A project that seeks to increase author creativity by providing them with tools to allow multiple characters to express the same plot point, but in their own voices.

  • A mobile, smart phone-based dialog system for giving pedestrians directions that adapts to the user's language and cognition.

  • A project examining argumentation and persuasion in social media forums.

  • A story generator organized around explicit formal models of character roles.

  • A project exploring the relationships between level design elements and gameplay, with a focus on single player first-person shooter (FPS) levels.

  • A prototype mixed-initiative level design tool for 2D platformers that enables realtime human-computer collaborative production of a playable level.

  • Play through multitude of arcade-style mini-games to acquire the resources needed to unlock new areas of a mini-game design space.

  • A project to model and verify emergent software throughout the development process. For game designers, Zenet lets you specify negative game experiences and repair them if they occur.

  • A java interface for developing a StarCraft AI using the BroodWar API.

  • A game developed to facilitate research on level generation. Players control salmon swimming upstream through dynamically generated terrains.