Research Projects

  • Almost two decades ago, Scott R. Turner created MINSTREL, a program that could creatively manufacture cohesive stories without the need for human input.Unfortunately, MINSTREL is currently unavailable and was written in an old variant of LISP. Minstrel Remixed is an attempt to recreate MINSTREL using Scala.

  • An experimental augmented reality documentary based on the stories of three US soldiers in Afghanistan and three unarmed civilians they shot and killed in early 2010.

  • How do you help a woman in labor? The Prepared Partner draws on childbirth education materials to help people feel physically and emotionally supported throughout labor and childbirth.

  • A set of extensions to Kodu Game Lab to enable the creation of games based on dynamic relationships, social interactions, and storytelling.

  • An international effort to create social games for conflict resolution based on natural interaction.

  • A run-time game master that offers quests and actions to the player based on their history and current world state.

  • Automated camera control for watching StarCraft games.

  • A project that uses composition rules to automatically crop human-annotated photographs, based on learnings from the Panorama project.

  • A casual game that collects data about what people consider good composition in photography.

  • An expressive generator based on the Big 5 model of personality.