Research Projects

  • Endless Web is an experimental 2D platformer that explores how to deeply integrate procedural content generation into both game mechanics and aesthetics.

  • A social simulation game about the interpersonal lives of a group of high school students in the week leading up to their prom.

  • Marrying dynamic language and quest generation with augmented reality, this outdoor smart phone-based role-playing game seeks to encourage teenage girls to exercise.

  • A visual interactive story authoring and generation tool inspired by comic books and storyboards. Story Canvas is based on the author goal-centric UNIVERSE-like story model in Wide Ruled.

  • StoryAssembler is an ongoing project built around a model of procedurally assembled choice-based narrative, based upon a "wishlist" of story states.
  • A framework and tool for incorporating social physics into playable experiences.

  • This project addresses a pressing problem for digital humanities, computing, and archival preservation. How can culturally significant software produced today be archived so that it will be available for scholarly research in the future? We address a specific and significant aspect of this general problem: Software that is produced in universities and other non-commercial research institutions. In particular, we will focus on game software and its development.

  • This project investigates sentiment changes in tweets related to game consoles before and after big announcements (around E3 2014).
  • Almost Goodbye is an experiment in minimalist procedural content generation for interactive narratives.

  • A suite of powerful design automation tools that aim to provide a designer-in-the-box for use in a deeply generative and adaptive sequel to the original game.