Z.O.N.E.O.U.T is a 2D puzzle platformer game that takes place in the, you guessed it, zoned-out mind of a high schooler, Nick, who is taking the most important test of his life, Zuckercorn High's, Overcomplicated, Nerve-wracking, Exam Of Unsolvable Tasks. It's a math test, so he's extra worried. Nick fades out of consciousness and into his test, where he meets the likes of Sir Gottfried Liebniz and Sir Issac Newton (the inventors of Calculus), who have accidentally created a machine, the Fluxion Capacitor 3000, that's spewing out mutant, zombie math functions. It's up to Nick to scale his way to Mt. Calculus, the function's nest, in order to get the blueprints to the machine back from the functions who stole it. Enjoy this comical love-letter to the one subject we all love to hate; math.

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Posted: May.16.2013