We're Screwed


Here’s the basics of We’re Screwed:

What was supposed to be an average day at the local science fair turns into the adventure of a life time for two (un)lucky friends. After volunteering to help with an exhibition our heroes accidentally send a rampaging robot loose who quickly constructs more giant robots. It’ll take more than some fancy jumping, sharp wits and giant screw drivers to deactivate these monstrosities, these two will have to learn to work together to solve the puzzles within each robot and stop them from causing further harm. Our heroes will have to master the power of friendship to overcome the trials ahead, and with your help hopefully they won’t screw this up.

We’re Screwed is a two-player puzzle, platformer with five unique levels. You and a friend will play together to explore massive robots and mess with their insides to deactivate them. Each player has a giant screw driver that can be used to mess with the screws in the robots. Players can detach or move platforms and other structures in the robots by screwing or unscrewing certain bolts, know as structural screws or puzzle screws. Some bolts, called stripped screws, cannot be moved but instead serve as excellent holds you can attach to and jump off of to reach new heights. Some screws can only be moved when both players work together to screw or unscrew said bolt. Players also have other cooperative moves them can perform such as jumping on your friends head for a boost jump. Watch out for hazards, you two aren’t as sturdy as the robots you’re fighting, but luckily you have each other to help you out should one of you ever fall. You and your friend must also work together to  solve puzzles and advance through each level to win.

Team - Blind Tiger Games

Ranveer Dhaliwal, Stewart Bracken, William Pacini, Dennis Foley, Kevin Cameron, Anders Sajbel, Nick Patti, Edward Ramirez, Dan Malear, Jennifer Makawi, Edward Boning, Victor Nguyen, Lindsey Dillon, Melissa Eap, Michael Monterrosa, Rebecca Alto, Augustus Sandage, Falcon Wong

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Posted: May.25.2014