Utapei is an abstract puzzle platformer. In Utapei, the player controls an infinitely tall pillar in a unique three-layered world. Each level requires the player to move about the world quickly, collecting a certain number of orbs strewn throughout difficult to traverse terrain and making it to the finishing platform before time runs out. The defining mechanic that makes this game so unusual and difficult is the fact that the player is capable of moving entire single layers, relative to the other two, simply by pushing into them. This allows the player to shift and modify large portions of the world to reach previously impossible to get to locations in very complex levels. This can also get the player into some unfortunate situations, as at times it is a struggle to not get trapped in a place where, due to the blessing and curse of being able to push large portions of the level, you can never escape.

The level time limit is represented by walls of darkness slowly moving in to envelop you. These are modified in later levels to be additionally sight impairing or especially fast to add difficulty. This is, in some levels, combatted with the light bulb item, which causes the darkness to fall back and provides the player additional time. Some of these are in inopportune positions and require player judgment to see if they are worth it to go and activate. In addition to the basic time limit, the players time is ranked in-level, spanning from the perfect gold to the near-death bronze. Returning players can use this system to put their skills to the true test.


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Team Members

Greg March

Peter Steadman

Team Butterflyshark


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Sammy's 2012 CMPS 80K Nominee

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Posted: Jun.11.2012