Thus spoke a pair of pathetics,

“Our game seeks to explore the trivialities of life. You are thrown into a hodgepodge of pointless and menial tasks, in which you are only given a limited time to experience whatever little stimulation that could possibly be felt. But do not fret if you cannot accomplish the task the first time; whether you live or die, you will be given the chance to replay said tasks, over and over and over and over again.”

“Some people might draw similarities to mini-game compilations, such as WarioWare or Cowboyana, but let me assure you, it would be a shallow mishap to assume so. There is not so much a learning curve, but a learning cycle when playing these vignettes. And we say vignettes because there is no context outside of the activity being performed, and every single one is a poignant impression of an unimpressed life. ”

“This game is not self-contained within the GM window. No. It spreads out like a viral epidemic, leeching onto the play manual that comes with it, and every player that comes in contact.”

“It begins with making you and your partner answer finely-crafted questions that were fabricated to force your brains to think in a specific way. Subsequently, allowing the concept to settle in the confines of the mind like a dormant disease. As you begin to play the game with your partner, you will slowly feel the effects of the game

from the way you interact with the other player and the game itself.”

“We are not looking to engage the players in fun-filled activities, or induce escapism. Rather, we entertain the idea of player disengagement. In other word, forcing players to think and interpret their actions with relation to real-life subjectivity. Instead of looking for a refined, polished look and feel, we are going for a “dirty” style, utilizing a messy aesthetic and design to see what game mechanics disrupts conventional play. ”

“You can think of what you are playing as a hybrid between digital gaming and analog gaming. A video game game or a game video game. Or perhaps, a video game, in which the meta-game is just as integral to the overall experience as playing the game itself.”


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Derek Mueller

Will Lee


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Posted: Jun.19.2012