Thrive is a unique game with elements reminiscent of Strategy, Platformer, Survival, and Tower Defense type games. You are the sole inhabitant of a very small planet in an uncolonized solar system, and must build a thriving colony to defend yourself from other planets that will orbit and attack yours. The key to survival is maintaining a healthy ecosystem for your planet and knowing when to build given your health and resources.

If pollution or an enemy planet reduces your planet’s health bar to zero, your planet will become uninhabitable and will result in a loss. To win you must successfully defend against all the enemy planets in your solar system without over-polluting. Thrive was made in Game Maker and completed as a final project for the CMPS 80K class by James McKenna in 2011.


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Designed by James McKenna


JMCrafty Studios

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Posted: Jun.19.2012