Tearable World


Tearable World is a 2D Puzzle Platformer for Android touch devices by Crumpled Up Games. Terry, the protagonist of the game, needs to escape from the sketchbook that he is trapped in. Each level of the game takes place on a piece of paper inside of a sketchbook. The player interacts with the game by folding, tearing, and rotating the pages of the sketchbook to allow the player's avatar to reach the "end" of the page. Upon reaching the page's end, the player moves to the next page in the sketchbook. The paper interaction mechanics allow for complex puzzles and gives the player freedom of choice when playing the game.

Team - Crumpled Up Games

Kim Lampi, John Crocker, Justin Telmo, Douglas Weller, Tonton Rue, Kara Dodd, Shawn Hampton, Audrey Fabian, Joe Allington, Dominic Arcamone

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Posted: May.25.2014