Subsist is a game and artistic experience for the XBox Live Arcade originally inspired by the Imagine Cup 2011 theme of 'Ending Hunger and Poverty'. Set in a fictional third-world country, Subsist aims to create an evocative player experience that stems from unique NPC interactions revolving around player choice and sacrifice. With physics and platforming puzzles interspersed throughout the game, the player must traverse through different environments to reach a care package, the contents of which may or may not end up being the savior for a loved one. When the player encounters phantom-like creatures that loom over the characters, it is slowly revealed that there is more meaning to everything in this game that initially meets the eye. This game will leave players walking away from their experience feeling introspective, reflecting on the choices they made given the puzzles and interactions that poke at moral issues, the meaning behind the metaphors the game presents, and the path they chose to get to their respective game ending.


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Alex Mathew, Jacob Pernell, JD Stockford, Mike Mennuti, Ryan Loebs, Stephen Hawkins, Will Long, James Richard III (artist), Bailie Dusseau (artist), Brittney Sager (artist), Ellen Otsuka (artist), Megan Willoughby (artist), Rebecca Williams (artist)

Class Advisors

Noah Wardrip-Fruin (CMPS 170), Jim Whitehead (CMPS 171), Michael Mateas (CMPS 172)


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Posted: May.27.2011