Sonar is a stealth horror game where the protagonist is located at ground zero of an invasion. As the invasion begins, the protagonist becomes blind and must use echo location to find her way out of the underground research facility.

As a player, you speak into your microphone to illuminate the area around you as you navigate through the maze of labs and offices. Other than the microphone, you can hear enemies wandering past with 3D sound and use objects such as radios or throwing glass vials to distract the enemies as you run past.

The game of Sonar comes down to a simple question: How stealthy can you be while still making noise? 



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Game Designers:

Ryan Anderson, Travis Carlson, Corey Dimiceli, Steven Ekejiuba, Derrick Huey, Chris Peterson, Joshua Ray, Evan Weintraub, Devon Wyland


Masami Kiyono, Jessica OHandley, Harrison Okins, Selina Rivera, Julie Song, Vencenza Surprise, Asma Uz-Zaman 

Composers / Sound Designers: 

Jacob Pernell, Fenyang Smith


Groups and Channels: 
Posted: May.11.2012