Schrödinger's Cat



Schrödinger's Cat is a puzzle platformer aimed for release in June 2011 on the iPhone. The Evil Dr. Schrödinger, in a fit of insanity, dropped your cat, Pudding, into his sinister Box - a portal into a quantum hell outside of time and space. The Universe is inexplicably populated by cat toys and death traps, threatening Pudding's life at every turn. It's up to you to lead him out of the Box by shining a guiding laser pointer. Schrödinger's Cat will challenge platformer and puzzle fans with innovative control and AI mechanics.


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Tommy Anderson, Ryan Andonian, Aurie Bendahan, Melissa Bernetsky, Travis Brown, Dawn Davidsen, Danny Key, Sam Medalen, Justin Pinili, Dante Ratto

Class Advisors

Noah Wardrip-Fruin (CMPS 170), Jim Whitehead (CMPS 171), Michael Mateas (CMPS 172)


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Posted: May.27.2011