Santa Cruzin'



Santa Cruzin’ is a mountain biking experience created for the Xbox Kinect.  Unlike other Kinect biking games, Santa Cruzin’ gives you full control of the bikes movement across various terrains, through controls specifically designed to imitate actual mountain biking.  We encourage you to use some item from your surroundings, such as a stick or a belt, as mock handlebars, although the game can be played just as well without.  The two types of control are turn and tilt.  To excel at the game you must master tilting with the hills of the terrain such that you avoid crashing into trees or losing your balance.  In two player mode, tilt correctly with the terrain to pick up speed and win the race, or just smash into your opponent to send him flying into the massive redwoods.  The competition is all about score, so finishing first is important, but be sure to collect the stars as well!

The technical accomplishments of Santa Cruzin’ ranged from developing with the Kinect to creating our own unique physics.  These accomplishments allowed us to have complete control over the player experience.  By using the Kinect we could map game controls to realistic bike controls, however this new technology provided a whole realm of new interface difficulties.  We also needed a complete 3D world, stylized somewhere between cute and realistic, however wanted to program everything ourselves from the ground up.  This way we could tweak player on player collision and airborne jumps to our exact preference (using no physics engine). Since we only had three weeks to create this game, these challenges had to be tackled with extreme efficiency.


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Team Members

Chris Taylor

Jon Holtan

Ian Dunbar

Colin Taylor

Team: Full Spectrum

Sammy's 2012 CMPS 179 Nominee

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Posted: Jun.12.2012