Puff is a casual side-scrolling game that focuses on efficient navigation, rather than dexterity. By harnessing the power of wind in your mouse cursor, guide a dandelion seed (“Puff”) past obstacles so it can land safely and bloom into a dandelion.

Collectible notes replenish the player’s limited wind supply, and other plants serve as obstacles to the seed’s passage. By employing a limited, yet slowly regenerating wind resource, the player is gently encouraged to find a wind-efficient path to the goal, without significant repercussions for taking a less efficient route. Checkpoints placed before challenges create a forgiving environment for the player’s first playthrough, and they replenish wind power to give a fresh second chance if it’s needed. The game cannot be lost, the player can only lose progress since the last checkpoint.

Puff is easy to pick up and play, and is designed with the casual gamer in mind. Everything required to play is demonstrated on a single screen, and new game concepts are introduced and reinforced through gameplay itself. Our goal was to make a game that’s easy to play and complete, but that offers an added challenge to players who choose to pursue more difficult objectives. We believe that Puff is a game that every type of gamer can enjoy without any prior experience.



Team Members

Maximillian Laumeister

Andrew Paolini

Team JägerWolfe

Sammy's 2012 CMPS 80K Nominee

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Posted: Jun.12.2012