Psychic Ninja


The Psychic Ninja game came out of the idea to take a small, well known game style and severely tweak/maim a simple mechanic to create a new play experience. Every gamer has played a 2-D platformer at some point. What can we do to the 2-D platform genre that will make it easily recognizable and yet irreparably separate? Psychic Ninja differs from standard platform characters in that he doesn't react to the world around him. He projects himself onto the world and inspects what will happen, allowing the player to respond to dangers ahead of time by placing command blocks on the level to help him avoid hazards, collect equipment, defeat foes and ultimately defeat his nemesis. 

 This makes for a game experience like no other: you know exactly where you are, and how the world works, but the way you move through it is like nothing you've ever seen. And you won't want to go back. Psychic Ninja is being created for play on mobile phones.


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Austin Kelley, Linus Foster, Viraaj Marathe, David Schwartz, Andrew Terwilliger, Ryan Beck (artist), Olivia Healy-Mirkovich (artist), Sarah Wolbert (artist), Masami Kiyono (artist), Rebecca Williams (artist), Amy Yee (artist)

Class Advisors

Noah Wardrip-Fruin (CMPS 170), Jim Whitehead (CMPS 171), Michael Mateas (CMPS 172)


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Posted: May.27.2011