Persuasion in Social Media


The growth of interactive communication fueled by web technologies has created a wealth of naturalistic dialogic communication. Like many areas of natural language processing, the modeling of dialog has begun to have large impact for many applications. Up to now, most approaches and computational tools for dialog have focused on analysis of simple dialogic interactions between two utterances. This project examines how complex dialogic goals above the single turn pair (such as advice giving, argument, recommendation, and persuasion) are accomplished across a range of conversational settings such as face to face, voice only in mobile settings, online chat and other online forums. This research will focus on developing resources, tools, and computational models that will allow us to analyze dialog above the level of adjacency pairs, and which will then contribute to realistic computational models that go beyond current simplified models of joint intention or shared plan towards an understanding of how higher level goals in dialog are manifest.



Rob Abbott, Jason Aumiller, Robeson Bowmani, Michael Minor


Marilyn Walker
Pranav Anand (Linguistics)

Research Labs

Natural Language and Dialogue Systems

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Posted: Feb.11.2011
Category: NLDS