Pattern, from the mind of April Grow, is a light puzzle game based on the principles of crochet. A PC game that utilizes a USB XBox 360 controller, Pattern aims to guide the player through a specific craft in order to lightly educate the player about crochet and foster creativity. The controller (versus mouse and keyboard) has a close action resemblance to the finger movements during crochet. However, unlike crochet, the player will be using quick flicks to represent the movements rather than actually simulating them. In Pattern, the world has gone through a terrible event and objects from the world have gone missing. The Beautiful Benebolent Queen beseeches our main character, the Omnipotent Magical Yarn Guru of Awesome, to restore the world's lost objects. With the help of an animal companion, the guru takes the queen's magical yarn and crochets items requested from citizens of the world. The story in our game introduces terms widely used in the crochet community, displays hook and yarn interactions for a proper execution of basic movements, shows yarn progression with interpolations, and has the movements on the controller simplified from actual crochet. The player can make actual crochet patterns in the game. This is be achieved by utilizing an in-game tracking system that saves the moves the player inputs and compares them with a list of valid movements for stitches. The game can then print a list of instructions either telling the reader to use a common stitch or detailing the custom stitch. The tracking system for the player's movements allows our game to export and share pattern files. This will allow people to share projects with friends, collaborators, and get projects from others to play and learn from. The ability to print patterns also allow people to have a hard copy of instructions to that can be translated to real directions to make actual objects.


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April Grow, Katarina Yang, Julie Rej, Magnus Plutte, William Tuttle, Jason Walters, Robert Bruce (music)

Class Advisors

Noah Wardrip-Fruin (CMPS 170), Jim Whitehead (CMPS 171), Michael Mateas (CMPS 172)


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Posted: May.27.2011