Journey to the Sun


Journey to the Sun is an engaging multi-player adventure, designed specifically to be enjoyed together with your friends. Take on the role of Darien, Lumina, or Ashe as your guild ventures into long-forgotten land, off to solve the mystery of the sun. In Journey to the Sun, your guild’s success or failure hinges on its collective skill. In order to find your way through the puzzles that lie in your way, you’ll have to utilize each character’s abilities. As Darien, you’ll blitz past enemies and open new pathways for your allies to follow. As Lumina, you’ll protect your allies from the many dangers that lie between you and your goal. As Ashe, you’ll manipulate the elements around you to lead the way forward. In traditional adventure style, Journey to the Sun is about the perilous puzzles and dungeons that await you. Your guild will travel through bizarre environments, each with their own traps you’ll have to find your way around. But don’t be afraid: together, your guild can get past any obstacle that lies before you. Journey to the Sun is currently in development for the Xbox 360 and is scheduled for a June 2011 release.


Elias Carillo, Jordan Galdo, Hugh Katzenbach, Alex Lagarias, Tim Lindvall, Chris Vossen, Omar Alvero (artist), Ryan Beck (artist), Tina Chang (artist), Jessica O’Handley (artist)

Class Advisors

Noah Wardrip-Fruin (CMPS 170), Jim Whitehead (CMPS 171), Michael Mateas (CMPS 172)


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Posted: May.27.2011