Ghost Hunter



Ghost Hunter is a first-person action horror game that puts the player in an old, dark and rundown house filled with invisible ghosts. Armed with their Ectoplasmic Extermination Device (EED), the player has to track down and catch all the ghosts in the haunted house. In tracking mode, the EED (Xbox Controller) vibrates when pointed in the direction of a ghost.

Once the player finds a ghost (or if the player is ambushed by a ghost), they both face off in battle mode, during which the player utilizes the entire Kinect space to catch the ghost. The EED vibrates more violently as it comes closer to the ghost’s location. When the ghost is within the EED’s sights, the player can press ‘B’ to activate their EED and capture the ghost.

However, ghosts do not stand by idly while the player catches them. Each ghost ignites a candle and waits until it burns out before attempting to scare the player, further adding to the spooky atmosphere prevalent in the game. Once time runs out, the ghost appears and dives at the player. If the player is on their toes, they can dodge out of the way to avoid getting spooked; once the ghost has made its attack, the player once again searches for the ghost until they capture it or until it scares the player to death.

Eventually, the player can enter the final boss room and showdown with the Ghost King. The Ghost King has to be weakened by multiple activations of the EED. Furthermore, the boss will make use of the furnishings in the room around him, hurling various objects at the player.


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Team Members

Tylor Reynolds

Jon Lew

Michael Rubino

Tyler Soberanis

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Posted: Jun.12.2012