Firewall is a 2D, top-down action strategy game set in two planes of existence: the physical world and cyberspace. The player takes on the role of humanity’s last defender against an onslaught of rogue artificial intelligences that have taken control of an army of mechs. The player must defeat the rogue AI army by destroying the enemy mechs in the physical world and the AIs that controlled those mechs in cyberspace. Firewall is being developed for the PC using Microsoft’s XNA framework.



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Team Members:

Engineering (CS170 students):

Alex Schneider – Co-Team Lead, Gameplay Programming and Design

Sam Wolpert – Co-Team Lead, AI Programming and Design

Josh Mitchell – Executive Producer, General Programming

Philip James – Content Producer, General Programming

Mark Escobedo – Engine and Gameplay Programming

Rohan Prabhakar – UI Programming and Design

Ryan Andonian – Engine and UI Programming

Will Hare – Engine and Graphics Programming

Kip Turner – Engine and Graphics Programming

Vivian Wong – Technical Artist, Graphics Programming

Nick Ferro – Sound Engine Programming and Design, Level Design



Kenneth Solis – Lead Concept Designer

Sally Su – Cyberspace Environment Art, Visual Effects

Emma Polster – Physical World Environment Art

Kimberly Shannon – UI Art

Joni Lee – Physical World Environment Art

Kevin Chapman – Cyberspace Character Art, Visual Effects

Daniel Rogers – Physical World Character Art and Animation

Ryan Kwok – Physical World Character Art and Animation

Linda Jiang – Cyberspace Environment Art, UI Art


Music and Sound:

Jacob Pernell – Composer

Colin Piethie – Sound Design

Alex Voto – Sound Design

Team Website:

Lumberjack Commandos

Game Website:

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Posted: May.10.2012