Endless Web


Endless Web is an experimental 2D platformer that explores how to deeply integrate procedural content generation into both game mechanics and aesthetics, such that the player must strategize around the PCG system. The player explores an infinite world that is procedurally generated as the player moves through the game, shifting according to the choices that the player makes. In Endless Web, players must search through the generative, rather than physical, space of the game in order to complete their objectives. The player explores this space by interacting with special, glowing tuning portals that change the composition of the environment.

Players take on the persona of an Eidolon, one of the mysterious beings that live in the human dreamscape. It is their charge to keep the byways of human dreams safe from nightmares. The player is responsible for finding and releasing six human dreamers trapped inside their nightmares. The dreamers' fears shift and color the dream world.

Endless Web uses procedurally generated content to mirror the vast, non-Euclidean spaces of dreams, where you can run in one direction forever and never reach anywhere, or take what seems to be a simple passageway and find yourself in a completely new location. The underlying content generator is based on the Launchpad rhythm-based level generator, which has been modified to fit the context and requirements of the game.

Visit the game website: http://endlessweb.soe.ucsc.edu




Gillian Smith, Alexei Othenin-Girard, Jon Gill, Christian Ress, Jameka March, Rob Giusti, Joshua Ray, Rob Segura, Mike Treanor, Masami Kiyono, Umi Hoshijima, Ari Burnham, Vencenza Surprise, and Elaine Gan


Jim Whitehead, Noah Wardrip-Fruin

Research Labs

Augmented Design Lab, Expressive Intelligence Studio

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Posted: Mar.06.2012