Chroma is a 3D puzzle game for the iPhone where the player plays as a cube in a series of levels filled with challenging puzzles based on color and movement. The player is able to attach colors to any of the faces of their cube by first having that face make contact with a colored tile found in the level. The player can then move with that color attached to their cube, but if any face with a color touches the floor or wall, then it is lost. The player must then pick up the color again. The ultimate goal of any level is for the player to transport every color to its matching receptacle. Once the colors are placed on their receptacles, the level is solved and the player can move forward. Solving levels in Chroma is made even more challenging and engaging by having obstacles which are activated based on which color the player has on their cube. If the player loses a particular color, then the obstacle associated with is becomes deactivated. These obstacles challenge the player, but they are also the key to successfully solving levels. Therefore, the player must overcome these obstacles while also not losing colors from their cube. Knowing how to successfully transport these colors and overcome the obstacles connected to them is the entirety of Chroma's gameplay.

The major technical features of Chroma consist of dynamic visuals and music based on the player's progression in any particular level. The general story of our game is that most of the color has been sucked away from the planet Chroma by an evil entity from space. Playing as the cube, it is the player's job to bring color back to Chroma by solving levels. Levels start off with gray-scale scenery around it and minimal music playing in the background. As a the player solves a level, the scenery around it will become more colorful and layers of music will be added onto the existing music. The level the player is on will feel more alive and vibrant as the player solves its puzzles. Another interesting technical feature in our game is the activation and deactivation of level obstacles based on what color the player has on their cube. Each of the six colors the player can acquire in our game is tied to an obstacle. When the player has this color, the obstacle is activated, but if the player doesn't have it (or loses it) then the obstacle is deactivated. This feature also connects to our theme of bringing color back to a dull and lifeless world. When the player acquires colors, the level becomes more active and alive just as the scenery and music does.



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Team Members:

Eric Wieber, Chris Burris, Wai Son Wong, Grey Skold, Reid Weber, Harsha Potiny, Vadim Maximov, Scott Orzech, Josh Harris, Galen Oback, Petar Bojinov, Devin Barr, Binh Tran, Will Huey,

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Spectagon Studios

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Posted: May.10.2012