Asterogue is an action-roguelike game for iOS and Android in which players fight to save their planet using gesture-based touch controls and a vast array of robotic weapon Modules.  Modules and levels are both procedurally generated, allowing for countless hours of original gameplay. Players will lose any Modules they have found if they die, but they can choose to return to their ship to save their loadouts at the end of each level. In this way Asterogue maintains the tension of a traditional roguelike while allowing the player to build their abilities over multiple gameplay sessions.


  • Gesture-based combat system allows for intense action on the go

  • Over 8 million distinct weapon Modules to discover

  • Procedurally-generated levels and enemies allow for endless play

  • 3 diverse worlds to explore

  • Push-your-luck campaign mode: fight on for better equipment, or return home to stash your existing loot?

  • Share your favorite Modules on Facebook and Twitter

  • Quick Play mode for when you only have a few minutes to play

  • No ads, IAP, or hidden fees! It's all free!

Available On: Google Play Store for Android and iOS App Store

Release Date: June 2013

Regular Price: Free!

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Kristen Andersen, Ryan Anderson, Kevin Chapman, Matthew Collins, Kenneth Cox, Jon Gill, Rob Giusti, Umi Hoshijima, Arielle Kim, Brian Kopleck, Amanda Lee, William Liew, Taran Lu, Zane Mariano, Benjamin Murray, Julian Noble, Tylor Reynolds, Adam Wardell, Megan Willoughby,

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Posted: Apr.28.2013