IFOG2013: Brenda Romero’s Train board game will make you ponder

This story has game spoilers.

Brenda Romero made a board game in her kitchen that she calls Train, but she never intended to show it to anyone.

There is no easy way to explain why such a game should exist, and it’s certainly unlikely anyone would ever agree to sell it. But it is clearly the kind of game that pushes the boundaries of what you would consider to be an entertainment experience.

But Train accomplishes something that few other board games can do: It makes you think about an emotionally difficult subject. When Romero talked about it in a speech at a game conference on Friday, she got a roar of applause.

A board game might seem like one of the last places you’d find innovation. In fact, board games are going through a revival now, in part because of the popularity of crowdfunding on Kickstarter, and because they are now an increasingly popular inspiration for their digital cousins, video games. The game is part of a growing tradition of Games for Change, which are as much about social causes as fun.


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News Date: 
Saturday, May 11, 2013