• A run-time game master that offers quests and actions to the player based on their history and current world state.

  • An international effort to create social games for conflict resolution based on natural interaction.

  • A set of extensions to Kodu Game Lab to enable the creation of games based on dynamic relationships, social interactions, and storytelling.

  • How do you help a woman in labor? The Prepared Partner draws on childbirth education materials to help people feel physically and emotionally supported throughout labor and childbirth.

  • Turn virtual crochet to reality! A light puzzle game based on the principles of crochet, Pattern guides the player through a specific craft in order to lightly educate the player about crochet and foster creativity through making real patterns.

  • Zap and trap monsters! Z-Ray is a horror puzzle game designed to be implemented on the PS3 using the Move to control the first person camera.

  • A multi-player adventure, designed specifically to be enjoyed together with friends. Take on the role of Darien, Lumina, or Ashe as the guild ventures into a long-forgotten land, off to solve the mystery of the sun.

  • Will the cat be alive or dead? Schrödinger's Cat is a puzzle platformer wherein the player must use a virtual laser pointer to guide their cat through a perilous space.

  • Use your psychic powers to chart your path. A 2-D platformer, Psychic Ninja's mechanics set it apart.

  • A galactic adventure game for the iPad! Syz E.G. brings innovation to the space shooter genre with multi-touch controls, various weapons and abilities, a unique story, and a mixture of tactical top-down gameplay and fast-paced side-view action.