• A game about a moose's relationship with society as it struggles to nurture its tree of happiness.

  • A project examining argumentation and persuasion in social media forums.

  • Marrying dynamic language and quest generation with augmented reality, this outdoor smart phone-based role-playing game seeks to encourage teenage girls to exercise.

  • A mobile, smart phone-based dialog system for giving pedestrians directions that adapts to the user's language and cognition.

  • A project that seeks to increase author creativity by providing them with tools to allow multiple characters to express the same plot point, but in their own voices.

  • An expressive generator based on the Big 5 model of personality.

  • A casual game that collects data about what people consider good composition in photography.

  • A project that uses composition rules to automatically crop human-annotated photographs, based on learnings from the Panorama project.

  • Automated camera control for watching StarCraft games.

  • A social simulation game about the interpersonal lives of a group of high school students in the week leading up to their prom.