• Utapei is an abstract puzzle platformer in which the player controls an infinitely tall pillar in a unique three-layered world.

  • Derpatron 3000 is a top-down action-puzzler that focuses on indirectly eliminating enemies. Within each level, the player must lure enemies into traps scattered around the field of play.

  • Puff is a casual side-scrolling game that focuses on efficient navigation, rather than dexterity. By harnessing the power of wind in your mouse cursor, guide a dandelion seed past challenges so it can land safely and continue its life cycle.

  • Santa Cruzin’ is a mountain biking experience created for the Xbox Kinect. Unlike other Kinect biking games, Santa Cruzin’ gives you full control of the bikes movement across various terrains, through controls specifically designed to imitate actual mountain biking.

  • Ghost Hunter is a first-person action horror game that puts the player in an old, dark and rundown house filled with invisible ghosts. Armed with their Ectoplasmic Extermination Device (EED), the player has to track down and catch all the ghosts in the haunted house.

  • Thrive gives you the responsibility of defending your own small planet from foreign annihilation while juggling the environmental impact of your actions. Thrive is a unique combination of platformer, strategy, survival, and tower defense.

  • An anti-game of sorts, 2P1K is a two-player game that forces two players to either cooperate or outlive each other in various mini games that give commentary on the dull and trivial aspects of life.

  • Almost two decades ago, Scott R. Turner created MINSTREL, a program that could creatively manufacture cohesive stories without the need for human input.Unfortunately, MINSTREL is currently unavailable and was written in an old variant of LISP. Minstrel Remixed is an attempt to recreate MINSTREL using Scala.

  • A suite of powerful design automation tools that aim to provide a designer-in-the-box for use in a deeply generative and adaptive sequel to the original game.

  • Almost Goodbye is an experiment in minimalist procedural content generation for interactive narratives.