• Chroma is a 3D puzzle game for the iPhone where the player plays as a cube in a series of levels filled with challenging puzzles based on color and movement.

  • Firewall is a 2D, top-down action strategy game set in two planes of existence: the physical world and cyberspace.

  • A top-down strategy game that flips the traditional dungeon adventure genre on its head, allowing the player to play as a demon who capture's the hero's soul.

  • A stealth horror game, Sonar revolves around an invasion. Blinded, your character must use echolocation to survive.

  • Play as a rogue across randomly generated landscapes, and explore dynamic storyline paths that are dictated by your previous actions.

  • Hello World goes back to the roots of the entire game industry, the arcade. It tries to capture the spirit of those times, the great leap into the unknown, the pushing of technology, and the first steps of exploration into a new medium.

  • Puzzle Defenders is an online 2D puzzle game where your matches on the board create attacks or shields. The goal of the game is to destroy your opponent's resources while at the same time defending your own.

  • The Book of Math presents a fun way for children to learn math by using a unique/custom battle system in which the player must solve addition and subtraction problems of varying difficulty in order to defeat their foes and save their school from the evil bully.

  • Solar Crysis is a twin-stick shooter where the player controls a "nanobot" whose job is to constantly repair a continuously breaking solar panel.

  • Last Chance is a tower defense game designed around cleaning up oil and defending beaches and sea-life from toxic spills.