• Lens is a first person exploration/puzzle game that uses a two world design, where players can interact with both worlds seamlessly. Through the use of a device known as a Lens, you can look into a parallel world, and manipulate objects between those two worlds. This compare and contrast gameplay, along side a story that is revealed as you progress through the game, offers an interesting take on the first person exploration genre.

  • Siegebreakers is a Hack-and-Slash Base Defense game focused on the good old-fashioned fun of couch co-op. You and your friends play as the Siegebreakers, an elite group of dwarven mercenaries hired out to defend castles from goblin hordes.

  • This project investigates sentiment changes in tweets related to game consoles before and after big announcements (around E3 2014).
  • Asterogue is an action-roguelike game for iOS and Android in which players fight to save their planet using gesture-based touch controls and a vast array of robotic weapon Modules.

  • Militarium is a touch-compatible real-time strategy game for Windows 7 and 8. Influenced by the ancient Chinese board game 'Go', gameplay strategy is all about map control and strategic positioning rather than unit match-ups.

  • Z.O.N.E.O.U.T is a 2D puzzle platformer game that takes place in the, you guessed it, zoned-out mind of a high schooler, Nick, who is taking the most important test of his life, Zuckercorn High's, Overcomplicated, Nerve-wracking, Exam Of Unsolvable Tasks.

  • In When Dreams Die, players control Nikola Tesla in his dreams. In reality, Tesla's inventions were stolen from him his entire life and he never gained credit for his world changing inventions like the alternating current and radio. One invention was so ahead of its time, though, that no one truly supported it: wireless power.

  • Temps Perdu is a turn-based, real-time hybrid strategy game played on a ten-by-ten diamond board with chess pieces. Through the unique and innovative time-currency mechanic, Temps Perdu brings the feeling of raw, real-time action seamlessly into the turn-based space. 

  • An experimental augmented reality documentary based on the stories of three US soldiers in Afghanistan and three unarmed civilians they shot and killed in early 2010.

  • Endless Web is an experimental 2D platformer that explores how to deeply integrate procedural content generation into both game mechanics and aesthetics.