• How Pac-Man Eats is an in-process book manuscript exploring two key questions.

  • WaveFunctionCollapse (WFC) is a physics-inspired algorithm for procedural content generation invented by independent game developer Maxim Gumin

  • Imaginando Macondo is a public interactive artwork that commemorates
    Nobel Prize-winning author Gabriel García Márquez.

  • StoryAssembler is an ongoing project built around a model of procedurally assembled choice-based narrative, based upon a "wishlist" of story states.
  • This project addresses a pressing problem for digital humanities, computing, and archival preservation. How can culturally significant software produced today be archived so that it will be available for scholarly research in the future? We address a specific and significant aspect of this general problem: Software that is produced in universities and other non-commercial research institutions. In particular, we will focus on game software and its development.

  • A framework and tool for incorporating social physics into playable experiences.

  • Tearable World is a 2D puzzle platformer for tablet devices. The levels of Tearable World are all on pieces of paper. The player must tear, fold, and rotate the paper to guide the main character to the end of each level.

  • <>Help your new Cosmonotter friend named Qrio return home by exploring our world! Answer his strange questions through the use of quirky wordplay!

  • Biogenesis is a strategic turn-based game where two players are pitted against each other in a science-fueled showdown. You must select a team of creatures to aid you, and hone their abilities through genetic modification.

  • We’re Screwed is a 2D cooperative puzzle-platformer where each level is the enemy. You and a friend will team up to destroy massive robots by using your trusty screwdrivers to dismantle and deactivate it. From manipulating the robots’ limbs to removing whole sections of the robots, you and your friend have a huge impact on the levels. To tackle such a mammoth task, you must work together to succeed, with special moves like jumping off your friend’s head to reach higher areas. By the way, you two aren't quite as resilient as the robots you’re fighting, but your buddy has always got your back, should you ever fall.