• Saturday, June 27, 2015 - 10:00am to 6:00pm

    You don’t have to be a programmer to make a game.

    The Santa Cruz Retreat for Analog Play (SCRAP) is a low-fi, DIY, BYO one-day game-making event on the beautiful UC Santa Cruz campus!

  • Friday, June 12, 2015 - 7:00pm to 10:00pm

    The Sammy Awards are a showcase of the best games created by undergraduate students at UC Santa Cruz. The evening features a series of game presentations of student games, including gameplay trailers.

    The event takes place at the Rio Theater on Soquel Avenue in Santa Cruz, starting at 7pm on Friday, June 12, with after-party at the Crepe Place afterwards.

  • Friday, January 23, 2015 - 4:15pm to Sunday, January 25, 2015 - 6:00pm

    UCSC will be hosting a Global Game Jam site this year, on Jan. 23-25. There'll be free food and a talk by our own Deirdra "Squinky" Kiai. All skill levels are encouraged to participate.

    For more information, visit http://ggj.soe.ucsc.edu. If you plan on participating and would be willing to host one of the students from the Silicon Valley Games and Playable Media program for the weekend, please get in touch with Matthew Balousek (mbalouse@ucsc.edu).

  • Friday, January 9, 2015 - 1:00pm to Sunday, January 11, 2015 - 6:00pm

    Hack UCSC is a 48 hour hackathon that takes place on the UCSC campus, in the Crown Merrill Cultural Center, January 9-11, 2015.

  • Wednesday, December 10, 2014 - 9:30am to 10:30am

    Conflict, Anxiety, and Hesitation in Virtual Characters

    Abstract Much of the behavior we find most expressive in humans is due to neural systems we share with other social mammals. These systems provide an interesting alternative starting point for virtual characters to rational deliberation. In this talk, I’ll discuss simulating two such systems: Gray and McNaughton’s neuropsychological model of anxiety, and Bowlby’s theory of attachment.

  • Tuesday, December 9, 2014 - 10:30am to 5:30pm

    Electronic Arts will be visiting UCSC on Tuesday, December 9. There are two public events:

    10:30am-12:30pm :: E2 280 :: Drop in resume and portfolio review, 1 on 1 discussion with students.

    4:30pm-5:30pm :: E2 180 (Simularium) :: Open information session about Electronic Arts.

    Famed game designer Richard Hilleman will be part of the visit, and will be giving a talk in late afternoon. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Hilleman)