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Prom Week is Editor's Choice at AI Game Dev for 2012!

Posted: Jan.18.2013

From AI Game Dev:

Every year runs its Awards for Game AI, shining the spotlight on the best releases of the past year. There are six different awards, ranging from technology to design and of course overall game of the year. For each, we've included the community vote results as well as the editor's choice.

Like previous years, the games this year have raised the bar in many places for artificial intelligence, including AI-based mechanics that open up new game designs, using optimization and evolutionary algorithms as tools, and procedural pipelines for AAA-quality graphics.

Our choice for the best independent game is PROM WEEK, built by a team at the Expressive Intelligence Studio at the University of Santa Cruz. You may recognize the influence of Michael Mateas, who previously developed Façade. Prom Week takes the idea of story as a simulation further by adding the concept of "social physics", i.e. predictable character mechanics that the player can interact with for gameplay purposes.

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