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Inventing the Future of Games Speaker Series

The Inventing the Future Of Games: Speaker Series is Wednesdays from 11:00 - 12:00 pm in E2 180 (The Simularium). The course is open for undergraduates and graduates, please contact for a permission code to enroll. Enrollment is NOT required for attendence, all are welcome to attend - community and students alike!

Visit design3's website for all our talks from this year, as well as tons of other great game-related video resources.

Spring 2012

June 6, 2012: Matt Maclaurin, eBay  -  Game Design and Global Commerce

May 23, 2012: Dilek Hakkani-Tur, Microsoft -  Exploiting Search Query Logs for Spoken Language Understanding

May 16, 2012: Adam Cadre, I-0/Photopia  -  The .Z5 Obstructions: Leveraging Constraints in Interactive Fiction

May 9, 2012: Shane Liesegang, Bethesda  -  Games I Will Never Make

May 2, 2012: Chaim Gingold, UCSC Graduate Student/Spore  -  What is play?

April 25, 2012: Stone Librande, EA/Maxis  -   Unlocking the Power of Play: Immersive Narrative in the Civic Realm

 April 18th, 2012: Daniel Benmergui, Indie Dev - Storyteller



April 11th, 2012: Nicole Lazzaro, XEODesign - Player Experience and Emotion in Games



Winter 2012

March 14, 2012: Zach Gage, Halcyon/Spelltower - Interaction Systems

February 29, 2012: Ruthie BenDor, Code for America - Coding for America: Reimagining civic engagement in the 21st century

February 22, 2012: Graeme Devine, GRL Games - Social Games are DEAD!

February 15, 2012: Emily Short, Galatea - Building a Comedy of Simulated Manners

February 8, 2012: Chelsea Howe, Social Chocolate - More Than A Feeling: Affective Design and the Future of Games

February 1, 2012: Michael Mateas, UCSC - Revisiting the Photoshop of AI Debate

January 25, 2012: Peter Brinson, USC - Finding Levity for Serious Games

January 18, 2012: Cecil Brown, UC Berkeley - Games Blacks Love to Play

Outside of Series:

January 27, 2012: Mike Mika, Making Fun, LLC. - Global Game Jam Keynote

January 19, 2012: Rich Hilleman, EA - Game Telemetry and Crowd Sourcing New Game Services: How you take over the game business.

Fall 2011:

November 30, 2011: Borut Pfeifer, Haunted Temple Studios - Accessibility in AI Design

November 23, 2011: Richard Lemarchand, Naughty Dog, Inc. - Beauty and Risk: Emotion, Indie Games and Uncharted

November 16, 2011: Clint Hocking, LucasArts - Dynamics: The State of the Art

November 9, 2011: Nic Duchenaut, PARC - For Fun and For Profit: Doing Social Science Research in Online Games

November 2, 2011: Ozlem Kalinli, Sony - Speech Interface in Games

October 26, 2011: Alex Neuse & Mike Roush, Gaijin Games - Storytelling Through Symbolism: BIT.TRIP and Beyond

October 19, 2011: Mirjam Eladhari, Gotland University - To Design for Results: Game Prototyping as a Research Method

October 12, 2011: John Peters, Team Krinoid - Transitioning from Games Academia to Indie Games: The Team Krinoid Story.

October 5, 2011: Arash Keshmirian & Serban Porumbescu, LIMBIC Software - Building App Store Hits: A Look at Nuts! and Zombie Gunship

Outside of Series:

December 5, 2011: Marc Christie, Rennes 1 University - Interactive Virtual Cinematography

November 7, 2011: Reid Swanson, UCSC - Say Anything: Learning to Tell Stories by Learning and Interacting

November 1, 2011: Mary Flanagan, Dartmouth College - Propositions from a Critical Play Perspective

October 6, 2011: Eskil Steenberg, LOVE - Things I learned from making LOVE.

October 4, 2011: Scott Jon Siegel, Popcap Games - The Beauty of Constraint