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Game Projects

  • Endless Web is an experimental 2D platformer that explores how to deeply integrate procedural content generation into both game mechanics and aesthetics.

  • A social simulation game about the interpersonal lives of a group of high school students in the week leading up to their prom.

  • Marrying dynamic language and quest generation with augmented reality, this outdoor smart phone-based role-playing game seeks to encourage teenage girls to exercise.

  • A visual interactive story authoring and generation tool inspired by comic books and storyboards. Story Canvas is based on the author goal-centric UNIVERSE-like story model in Wide Ruled.

  • A game about a moose's relationship with society as it struggles to nurture its tree of happiness.

  • An adaptive AI for real-time strategy games using a reactive planner. Based on analysis of how skilled human players conceptualize RTS gameplay.

  • Almost Goodbye is an experiment in minimalist procedural content generation for interactive narratives.

  • A project that seeks to increase author creativity by providing them with tools to allow multiple characters to express the same plot point, but in their own voices.

  • Chroma is a 3D puzzle game for the iPhone where the player plays as a cube in a series of levels filled with challenging puzzles based on color and movement.

  • Derpatron 3000 is a top-down action-puzzler that focuses on indirectly eliminating enemies. Within each level, the player must lure enemies into traps scattered around the field of play.